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The Children of Mary is not a children's program but is a program aimed a making 'Children of Mary' and that those who are already Children of Mary to grasp the deepness of what it means and what they are called to. The program will cover five topics which change each week the first covers 'Who is Mary', the second - 'Imitation of Mary and her virtues', the third - 'Imitation of the Saints love for Mary and their imitation of her virtues', the fourth - 'Devotion to Mary' and the fifth - 'Apostles of Mary', are repeated again in a cycle but with a different discourse. This is program is primarily to bring people closer to Mary.


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Children of Mary Episode 54
Children of Mary Episode 54 - Series (2)
In this the second episode of the second series we look again at Fatima this time with the help of two guests Kaitlin and Victoria who are both parishioners from St. Mary's Catholic Church in Gosport. We hear also a repeat of a talk given to year 6 pupils from Clapham South London.
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