The Audio on Demand of SPUC 50th Year Roadshow Conferences at Gosport St Mary's are here !!!

Expert speakers from SPUC will be travelling to towns and cities in England and Wales throughout 2017 to mark 50 tragic years of abortion.

This is part of a year long programme of events to mark the anniversary of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act, and to commemorate the lives of 8.7 million unborn children lost to abortion in the last 50 years. The 50th Anniversary Tour will hold meetings throughout England and Wales at churches (of all denominations), youth groups, and other community groups - anywhere which would welcome a visiting speaker from SPUC during the 50th anniversary year of the 1967 Abortion Act.

Why do we need to spread the pro-life message?

  • Every week 4,000 babies are killed by abortion; the equivalent of 20 passenger jets crashing
  • Countless women and families have been wounded by abortion
  • 50 years of legalised abortion has spawned a huge commercial abortion industry which makes money from killing babies



Antonia Tully SPUC Tour
Antonia Tully 10th June 2017 - The New SPUC Strategy to Save Lives
Antonia Tully - The Safe at Schools Coordinator at SPUC gives a most enlightening discourse on the need to humanise the Child in the Womb. She discusses the latest threats to the unborn in this country with a move to "Decriminalise Abortion" completely. But she ends with a new message of hope in the enlightening initiative to canvass for legal pressure to be brought down upon the many Doctors who sign off Abortions illegally under the limitation of the 1967 Act. This would enforce the practical application of these limitations in a legal way to reduce radically the number of Abortions in the UK.
John Smeaton SPUC Tour
John Smeaton 10th June 2017 - The Mobilisation of the Grass Roots Movement
John Smeaton - Chief Executive of SPUC teaches us at Gosport Pro-Life of the huge army of forces against us on the side of the culture of death. But we cannot fail to lose because we have the TRUTH on our side. We know well that it is not normal to kill babies in the most safest place imaginable - their Mother's womb. We need to start off though, in order to actualise this victory, the rallying of the troops on the ground floor here at Gosport and this area with a huge media and advertising campaign. This will help to to plant deeply into all hearts, although the removal of the 1967 Act will be difficult, we must make the notion of Abortion itself unthinkable. We have the power of Prayer on our side also. The Immaculate will crush the head of the serpent.
Questions from the floor SPUC Tour
Q & A session 10th June 2017 anwered by SPUC during the Roadshow
A number of very well thought out points and questions put before John Smeaton and Antonia Tully ranging from the roll of the Family to the undeniable link between Contraception and Abortion.



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