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'Building a Marian Culture - interviews in and around the Diocese' is a new program which features interviews that have taken place since the launch of the Radio. The aim of the program is to speak to different individuals all with their own unique contribution to bring people together through Mary. The interviews vary in their topic and of the contributions that those interviewed give for example there is an interview with a school teacher, a mother with her two daughters, a religious, the leader and King of a tribe in Nigeria, all unique but all 'Children of Mary', who even if it's just their name that is associated with the Blessed Mother, as was the case in interviewing a 'Sister Maria', or just one's aspiration that the Blessed Mother would be their guide, the interviews are to bring people together with whatever talent, experience, or contribution they have to help us understand better how we can 'build a Marian culture'.

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Interview with Aba Shields on Marriage
Interview with Aba Shields
Mrs Aba Shields who works for the Marriage and Family Life office for the Diocese of Portsmouth. Tackling some difficult questions put to her Aba shows that her own life of prayer and sacrifice enables her give an enriching contribution to our Building a Marian Culture episodes. Her own personal experience can also enlighten those who may be contemplating marriage or who help prepare others for the sacrament of marriage

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