Father John 1
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 1
Fr. Gregory Finis is the Superior General of the Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who explains his decision to send his missionaries to England. Having assigned two Priest's to a parish in a dangerous part of London which has predominately Black British residents these two Priest's have a meeting before their arrival in this new Parish. The episode begins when one of the locals - a white Caucasian youth called Mark meets Fr. John Overton for the first time then two other youth's arrive on the scene later. The show ends with Fr. John who in being successful in stinking a chord with these youth is able to meet the uncle of one of them on another occasion and in this meeting with Fr. John and the Rastafarian Uncle who's name is 'Ras Vibes' or 'Ras Menelik' Fr. John attempts his first inter-religious dialogue.
Father John 2
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 2
In this episode there will be a changing of the Priest's and a new Parish Priest will soon be appointed. In this a Christmas episode Fr. John Overton was successful in inviting the three youth he met - Mark, Leroy a.k.a Michael and Ashley who's Uncle he met in the last episode to a talk on Christmas given by another Missionary of the Immaculate heart of Mary Fr. John Michael Donald. After Fr. Donald's talk who briefly meets the three youth Fr. John Overton allows them to participate in a custom during the Epifany of choosing a virtue to practice during the year which is taken from a basket which has the virtue's written down on a folded up piece of paper. Fr. John is able to know through this which virtue's these three youth's particularly lack and he himself is made aware that he has to devote himself more to prayer which he will later on do as he will leave the Parish for a more contemplative life and Fr. John Michael Donald will now be the Parish Priest.
Father John 3
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 3
Fr. John Michael Donald the new Parish Priest has been invited to speak on a Catholic Internet Radio Station in Hampshire. Leroy is eager to go with him as he is planning to set up his own music venture and is interested in seeing studio equipment so Fr. John agree's to bring him along even though he is not Catholic. Little didi they know that mark was following them as he was aware Leroy went to the studio for that reason and Mark hopes to be a business partner of Leroy in his music venture. They talk about what life is like where they live live on the radio and Fr. John ries to explain to them the love of God through some parable's of the Gospel.
Father John 4
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 4
In this episode of Fr. John goes again to Gosport with an Indian parishioner called Raphael who gives a testimony of his conversion especially how he knew so little about Impurity and what sins are impure sins and how they are mortal sins. fr. John speaks a bit about the great Holiness that a priest must have.
Father John 5
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 5
In this episode Fr. John Mellor tries to have a debate that is recorded for his Parish entitiled 'Is Rap Music good?'. Some of the local youth are invited - Leroy, Mark, Ashley who has come with a fried called Tunde and Raphael is there too.
Father John 6
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 6
This is the second part of a debate called 'Is Rap music good?' which was recorded by Fr.John Mellor and some guest's as part of a parish initiative. In the last debate one of the participant got quite upset as he himself is a rapper and the music was heavily criticized by Raphael who was one of the guest's . This time around Fr. John Michael Donald is present and tries to give both sides an opportunity to express their opinions allowing Ashley to perform a rap song which he himself collaborated on by giving the young Rapper the material from which to write.
Dialogue double with Fr. John 7
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 7
.In this episode Leroy goes to visit Fr. John as he is worried about a young lady called Nicola who people have said has tried to commit suicide due to an abortion she had, he is also asking Fr. John what could be the meaning of a woman giving him a prayer card of St. Padre Pio who Fr. John in a mysterious way had already told Leroy (in Episode 2) this Saint wanted to get to know him plus Leroy asks for prayers for Ashley who is on the brink of bring to rival gangs into a war through his music. Later the Priest's hear an answer phone message from the Mother of Tunde who is concerned about her son's behaviour.
Dialogue with Fr. John 8
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 8
In this episode Fr. John encounters Mark who in returning from a football match admit's himself being responsible for an abortion - this was also something Fr. john mysteriously spoke about in advance (Episode 2). Inviting Mark into the Church to pray, Mark is silently touched by the prayer of the Hail Mary and the words "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb". Also in this episode Fr. John has an encounter with Ashley who is on his way to a recording studio hoping to record a lyric that will provoke his rival from another gang to enter into a gang war. Fr. John tries his best to prevent this possible danger.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 9
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 9
In this episode Raphael who is thinking about becoming a Priest has an encounter with Ashley which get's a bit heated as Ashley on seeing Raphael going to the shops on calling out to Raphael is unaware that his way of speaking to people is quite rude and aggressive which Raphael makes him aware of. Raphael openly tells Ashley about his ways that need to be corrected and in this dialogue Ashley is even moved to tears when explaining how life is difficult for him. In this episode, through Raphael, it is revealed how Mark had a change of heart through praying with Fr. John.
New Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 10
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 10
Fr. John Mellor the Assistant Parish Priest has been called upon again to have anther debate on music - this time about Jamaican urban music as another Rastafarian (Episode 1 featured Ashley's uncle Ras Vibes aka Ras Menelik) took offence to Raphael's description of urban music as being bad and coming from Voodoo. Raphael is called back again and the Rastafarian who called for another debate - Ras Judah has come with an up and coming Oriental music composer who calls himself 'Smiley'. Smiley is also there to be a translator for Ras Judah who before becoming a Rastafarian was a well know Dancehall/Bashment artist (which a form of Jamaican urban music) who went by the name of Bushman who lived in Harlesden North West London. Ras Judah is now a Reggae musician. Raphael miraculously converts Bushman after reading to him the life of an Ethiopian King and Saint called St. Caleb also known as Saint Elesbaan
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 11
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 11
In this episode Ashley and his rival - a notorious mixed race Portugees gang member called Martin who goes by the name Sousa who is also a rapper agree through Fr. John who was helped by Leroy to have a meeting in a recording studio to listen to Sacred Music which Fr. John wanted to introduce them to in order to help them come to an agreement of peace.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 12
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 12
In this Episode Mark, after having been touched by the prayer of the Hail Mary goes to see Fr. John who is on his way to give atalk about the Faith. This being unknown to Mark at the time, Fr, John agrees to stay for a while and reads to Mark what he was about to present.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 13
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 13
In this Episode Fr. John speaks with Martin or Martino as he is commonly known as or Sousa which is his street name. Having met him while taking a walk Fr. John proposes to Martin a life of humility as tattooed on the chest and stomach of Martin are the words 'THUG CULTURE 4 LIFE'. Fr. John discovers Martin is actually armed with a firearm and convinces Martin to hand it to him in order for him to hand it in to the Police. Fr. John makes mention of St. Martin DePorres who Martin was named after.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 14
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 14
In this episode while talking about what possible religion's they'd belong to Leroy Ashley and Mark listen briefly to Radio Immaculata tuning in to the Hampshire Radio. Then they listen to a recording done by Fr. John Michael Donald which aims to help Muslims understand why Catholic's believe what they believe.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 15
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 15
In this Episode Fr. John gets a surprise visit from Mark who comes to inform him that the peace that was made between Ashley and Sousa has been broken and things will become worse. He is about to go to give a talk on Original Sin and the existence of evil and cannot stop stop to accommodate Mark. We hear the talk he gives which is him reading from the Catechism.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 16
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 16
In this Episode Fr. John has been invited to a recording studio to speak about the Pope. He reads from a recent article he read which talks about the Pope and how to understand Infallibility.
Dialogue with Fr. John episode 17
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 17
In this Episode Ashley meets the Mother of Tunde and speaks with her. Later on we hear how Ashley was attacked by a rival gang and is hospitalised. Fr, John goes to visit him and Ashley seems to have a conversion through St. Veronica Giuliani.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 18
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 18
In a long prayer before the Crucifix Raphael pleads for the conversion of sinners praying particularly for Ashley and mark. Wanting to imitate Fr. John Michael Donald who has impressed him very much he prays to have similar success in praying for people then seeing after his prayer and this actually happens - he see's Ashley and Mark. Seeing that the two are still attracted to music which he feels is not good for them he invites them to pray with him.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 19
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 19
In this Episode Fr. John in wanting to help Ashley rent's out a studio in Peckham South East London as Ashley had wanted to give a testimony about his change of heart but he backs out of it somewhat. Fr. John who is himself a poet attempts to challenge Ashley in a poetry competition - his poetry against Ashley's Rap in an attempt to humiliate Ashley and get him to renounce his 'street poetry' trying to show that he is in fact a better poet than Ashley. They listen to some Sacred Music.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 20
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 20
In this Episode Fr. John bravely goes to a recording studio in Walworth South East London to respond to the Uncle of Ashley Ras Vibes who is displeased that his close friend Ras Menelik is no longer a Rastafarian. They arrive late, and prior to their arrival which is only a brief discussion as their hire time of the studio ran out, Fr. John explains to the radio listeners a little about Our Lady of tears in Sicily Italy and St. Michael the Archangel. Smiley and Ashley arrive with Ras Vibes.
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 21
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 21
In this Episode Fr. John speaks with Kage who is known by the name of Smiley a half Japanese half Chinese young man. Fr. John tries to convince Smiley that the Dragon which the Chinese see as bringing them 'good luck' is not good. Fr. John is also displeased with some video game characters he was shown...
Dialogue with Fr. John Episode 22
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 22
In this Episode Fr. John is seeing how going to recording studio's encourages and helps Ashley who now want's to become a Catholic, they go to a studio in Camberwell South London and Raphael is there also. Listening to some Christmas songs and speaking about St. Joseph Ashley decides to definitively give up his music and agree's to go to Derbyshire where he can be formed and live a new life away from the city.

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