Pro-life Talk1 Helpers Edited
Who Are the Helper's - Forum 01
Who is this Pro-life Group. How did they start with a profile on their founder Msr Philip Reilly who explains "Ground Zero". A guest appearance by his acquaintance in Brooklyn - Father George M. Roth
Pro-Life Talk 3 Edited
Is it my business to be involved? - Forum 02
How is their Apostolate divided. Margaret Leahy - UK Leader of the Helper's gives us a Testimony. Is it my business to get involved? Msr Reilly gives us a Christmas message to move into Year 2017.
Pro-Life Talk 4 Edited
Calvary to Calvary - Forum 03
What is the foundation of the Helper's Apostolate - The Sacrifice of the Holy Mass at Calvary. Jesus went from the Cenacle to Calvary - and the Helper's imitate Him. The importance of talking Jesus out onto the streets - the Joshua and Jericho Project.
Interview 40 days for Life Edited
Apostolate - 40 Days for Life - Forum 04
Robert Colquhoun the Director International of Campaigns 40 Days for Life explains what the Charism is of this relatively new Pro-Life Apostolate, its origins, growth and amazing succcess in saving babies from Abortion. We see the great similarity to this Apostolate based on prayer and Sacrifice, with that of the Helper's.
Pro-Life Forum 5 25-01-17
The Immaculate Leads Us - Forum 05
Our Lady of Guadalupe as the "Ark of the Covenant" and Patron of the Unborn Child, leads us to Jesus and to the "foot of the cross" to stand with Her dying Son. She lead us to victory at Lepanto. She teaches us with the weapon to crush the head of the serpent - The Most Holy Rosary, the weapon we must take up to end the "culture of death" we are living. We know who will triumph in the end.
Pro-Life Forum 6 01-02-17
Archbishop Fulton Sheen - Forum 06
Abortion the Approach of Midnight is a reflection by Arch-Bishop Fulton Sheen on abortion. He examines the philosophy behind abortion, the false notion of "liberty" that is the death crazed society we live in, where mutual giving of oneself is denied in the constant pursuit of personal pleasure.
Pro-Life Forum 7 08-02-17
Immaculate crushes the serpent of abortion - Forum 07
We examine the link between the Apparition at Guadalupe in both Spain and Mexico and the nature of the Franciscan participation in the spread of the Immaculate Conception. The mystical symbolism is explained concerning the appearance of the "Woman clothed with the Sun and standing on the moon" as depicted in the book of the Apocalypse and the mystery of the Tilma. The diabolic element of abortion is also presented to help us understand the nature of this spiritual battle we are fighting. As Mary, our Mother came to end the Aztec practice of child sacrifice, we now beg Her intercession again in these times. Our Lady of Guadalupe - Pray for Us.
Pro-Life Forum 8 15-02-17
In Imitation of the Holy Family - Forum 08
On today's Pro-Life Forum we begin by looking at the reality of 'what abortion is' and the shocking extent of this crime towards humanity. We then examine in this month of February, using Blessed Pope Paul VI's Encyclical 'Humane Vitae', how in imitation of the Holy Family - we can begin to restore a culture of life in our nation and world; looking specifically at the aspects of chastity in the Holy Family and the recourse & fidelity to God of the Holy Family as an example for us. We must as families living in this 'culture of death' respond to the call of Blessed Paul VI and make a "Heroic Effort" to restore the pro-family culture of life.
Pro-Life Forum 9 22-02-17
The Sanctification of Women - Pro-Life Forum 09
In today's Pro-Life Forum, we look at the God ordained role of women in society and in the family as a means of their own personal sanctification, but also as a means of rebuilding a Culture of Life in order to combat the modern day, ever-growing, Culture of Death. We look to the teachings of St. Pope John Paul II in the Apostolic Exhortation - 'Familiaris Consortio' as a guide on how women are called to live in society and within the family. We also look at how women should live in imitation Our Lady and the Church in terms of their 'maternity' and 'spirit of subjection' in order to attain to the fullness of womanhood.
Pro-Life Forum 10 01-03-17
The Sanctification of Men - Pro-Life Forum 10
As we begin this holy season of Lent - a time of deep prayer and sacrifice, we explore the God-ordained role of men in society and within the family as a means of their own personal sanctification, and also as a means of restoring the pro-family - Culture of Life. We look to St. Joseph (our co-patron - to whom this month of March is dedicated) as an example of how men must be guardians and protectors of the human family and more specifically of women and children. We also explore how men are to live in the spirit of sacrificial love - after the example of Our Blessed Lord who sacrificed Himself for His Bride - the Church.
Pro-Life Forum 11 08-03-17
From Pro-Life to Pro-Choice - Pro-Life Forum 11
Dr. Tony Levatino - an ex-pro-choice and ex-abortion provider gives a powerful testimony describing his journey from being an abortion provider who killed 1,200 unborn children in his private abortion clinic to becoming a pro-life speaker and activist. Dr. Levatino describes in essence his indifference towards the great moral evil of abortion, he felt he was just providing another service to women in his private practice. He also describes his (and the abortion industries) drive for money as the main factor as to why abortion as an agenda is pushed so strongly. However, this all changed when Dr. Levatino's 6-year-old adopted daughter died in his arms after a road accident. His conscience began to bother him; he returned to his private clinic to continue providing abortions but this became increasingly difficult for him because he eventually realised that no matter the size of a child, each child has value and it is wrong to kill such a child.
Pro-Life Forum 12 15-03-17
Facts about The Culture of Life and Death - Forum 12
Dr. Joseph Meaney, a cradle Catholic and pro-lifer gives testimony to the power of individual and collective pro-life witness in combating the culture of death and bringing about a restoration of the culture of life. Dr. Meaney encourages us not just to fight to make abortion illegal, but to make abortion unthinkable. His home town of Corpus Christi with a population of 350,000 has just seen the exit of the last abortion centre. He outlines the contrast between the love of the pro-life movement and the hatred/anger of the anti-life movement which actually brought about the conversion of Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of ‘Roe v. Wade’) who became a Roman Catholic and pro-life activist. Dr. Meaney describes how abortion truly is the human right issue of our time and how we must all have the courage to stand up and witness against it – for it is truly is the difference between life and death. He argues that we must also put an end to the notion that those who promote abortion are 1) ‘pro-choice’ - because the #1 reason given by women for having an abortion is that they felt they had no choice, and 2) ‘pro-women’ – because sex-selective abortions are the greatest attack on women as they results in an increase of prostitution and female abuse. Here is a challenge for all of us. He says - 83% of abortive mothers in one survey said that if even one person among their family or friends had offered support for choosing life they would not have gone through with the abortion.
Pro-Life Forum 13 22-03-17
The Notion of Revolution as the Root Cause of Today's Culture - Part 01
How we can trace the root cause of the situation we find ourselves in Today? In these talks our point of departure is not as many would argue Communism in the 1920's which set about an agenda for the mass scale Abortion we see nowadays. No, we need to travel much further back in time, to the end of the Period in History which we call Christendom, where Christ reigned as King not only in peoples hearts, but within all the infrastructure of the society. At the end of the Middle Ages therefore at the start of the 15th Century, we saw the dawn of a period where man seemed to turn in on himself - the period of Humanism and the Renaisssance - and began to reject the teachings of the Church established by Christ. The apparatus of this rebellion of revolution was built, we argue here, by a Franciscan in England called William of Ockham. His "protests" and distorted view of reality was the starting point from which Martin Luther built the first greatest revolution. Luther in his pride, denies the concept of grace and disregards the role of the Magisterium of the Church to interpret Holy Scripture. Man can enter now into a relationship with God without the instrument which Jesus Christ gave us - His Church. Luther now prepares the way for the culture of Rationalism - the Methodical Doubt of Rene Descartes who claims that the person is his thought. He coins the infamous phrase "I think therefore I am" . Man is a composite of both Body and Soul however, and we cannot treat the body as if it is to be disregarded or devalued as we see in the Culture of Abortion today.
Pro-Life Forum 14 29-03-17
The Notion of Revolution as the Root Cause of Today's Culture - Part 02
How we can trace the root cause of the situation we find ourselves in Today? We continue to search the annals of time, to discover the root cause of the culture in which we are living, where the dignity of the child in the Mother's womb counts for nothing. Owen retraces the steps again to show the true relationship between Faith and Reason we found in the Scholastic Period where Christ reined was King. We then identify again the influence of the Rationalist thought, proposed especially by Rene Cartesio with his methodical doubt and his inversion of the true reality of objects outside the mind with his infamous - "I think, therefore I am"or where Man is but his thought. The French Revolution in 1789 not only destroys any notion of Religious Life but because now the reason cannot be seen as an effective instrument to realise the existence of God, any notion of God can be surpassed by the new Enlightened Man in his new found maturity. Emmanuel Kant wanted remove all shackles of authority that was restricting human reason. We see the consequences laid bare now - the separation of Faith from Reason and the Philosophy from the Theology. Man turn's against to glorify himself building a new tower of Babel - the Eifel Tower - rejecting both the Church and then God. The passage towards evil intensifies with the Materialism of Karl Marx which we will expand upon next week and show how abortion was portrayed in Communist eyes.
Pro-Life Forum 15 05-04-17
The Notion of Revolution as the Root Cause of Today's Culture - Part 03
We continue on our Voyage of Revolution to examine the roots of mass abortion. Last week we ended up with the infamous Marxism. For Marx the Church only exists to make money. We see the main error of Marxism and its consequences as Materialism. Is this philosophy of Marx evil? Without a doubt. He regards man as an animal that works. By placing man at the animal level he is easily disposable and man is viewed only on economic value. Without the supernatural aspect, the dignity of humanity in Marxism is drowned in the sea of atheism. A Pro-Life worker Rachele Flores, a pro-life advocate and founder of Redeemed Lives Ministry International, in a recent article In 2014 on the blog Live Action News titled – “The abortion ripple effect: Russia’s tragic abortion tale” recorded some startling observations in her visit to St. Petersburg, saying “What floored me is that most moms brought their brought their kids to abortion clinics." She added - “I was very surprised in the summer– I was there for two weeks – I saw four babies,” Flores said. “I thought to myself, ‘Why am I not seeing children? Why am I not seeing pregnant women? Why is this not normal?’” This is the consequence of the Marxism mentality to dehumanise the child in the womb. Owen picks up upon the point to illustrate the absurdity of the notion that the child as in the Marxist view only becomes human based on the perception of the Mother. He goes on to discuss the errors of Naturalism and Positivism which demands the need to verify reality scientifically and thus denies that which is Spiritual and we accept with Faith. This weeks forum finishes with a brief exposition on the dangerous argument put forward by Peter Singer that the definition a person is a being who has a capacity for enjoyable experiences, for interacting with others and for having preferences about continued life.
Pro-Life Forum 16 12-04-17
The Holiness of Professor Jerome Lejeune and his fight for the Down Syndrome Child
We switch our Pro-Life focus onto the Down Syndrome Child and their selective elimination in the womb of their Mother. Cardinal Sara in a recent address to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God Doctor Jerome Lejeune quoted that the greatest tragedy of our modern times was Abortion. He commended the Holiness of the said Doctor. We then listen to Alexandra Tompson, a Legal Analyst and Veritas Scholar at ADF International, who reflects on the issue of Down's syndrome screening. Alexandra Tompson serves ADF International as legal analyst and Veritas Scholar in Vienna, Austria. In her role, Tompson promotes religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and the family, while supporting the EU team in Brussels, the Council of Europe team in Strasbourg, and the United Nations team in Geneva. About 750 babies are born each year with Downs Syndrome in the UK, and there are an estimated 40,000 people living with the condition. Those with Downs Syndrome today lead fulfilling, meaningful and valuable lives, and yet in Britain today - a 'screening out' programme is being adopted where mothers are pressured to undergo pre-natal testing on their unborn children to test for Downs Syndrome which usually results in the death of unborn children with Downs Syndrome via abortion. One can see here the similarities between the Nazi regime where those who were of 'non-Aryan origin' where forced into abortions in order to eradicate them; just as those with Downs Syndrome are trying to be eradicated today. 90% of Down Syndrome children in this country do not see the light of day. We pray for miracles for the cause of this servant of God Doctor Jerome Lejeune and ask the Jesus and Mary for the same courage to remain constant in our Faith and Conscience in the light of the truth Jesus Christ.
Pro-Life Forum 17 19-04-17
The Notion of Revolution as the Root Cause of Today's Culture - Part 04
The Forum picks up the loose thread from 2 weeks ago as we the CONTINUE notion of the Revolution against God since the Middle Ages and all the subsequent diabolic errors which have culminated in the mass destruction of LIFE in the womb of the Mother. We can classify the final part of our research from the errors of the Philosophies we have already mentioned up to and including Sigmund Freud to the formulation of these Powerful Magisterial Documents as the “DEGREDATION OF THE DIGNITY OF MAN”. First we take a look at the existentialism. What is it ? Man finds himself "thrown into the world" without knowing how or why he is there and with no real way of finding out. According to Catholic Immoralism - Existentialism, as will readily be seen, is at the heart of the moral as well as the doctrinal revolution. It not only destroys the metaphysical framework of reality by which the mind ascends to God, reducing everything to a fog and a flux where He is lost. It provides the justification for situation ethics (every situation demands a different response), and the theory of the fundamental option (there is only one grave sin — not to be "committed to Christ" or "a man for others"). Enter Karl Rahner. Such is the system of ideas, or view of life, chiefly in its Heideggerian form, which the German theologian Fr. Karl Rahner and his followers have been trying to push and haul into place so that it can be made the philosophical foundation for the teaching and preaching of the Catholic Faith and the training of Catholic priests. Situation ethics as we see nowadays denies any objective moral truth. The truth does not change based on individual circumstances. One aspect of Catholic moral teaching that distinguishes it from most other moral systems, whether liberal Protestant or secular humanist, is its emphasis on the objectivity of moral principles. For the Catholic Church, the basic principles of morality are God-given, imbedded in human nature, recognizable by human reason and valid for all men of all times. The forum highlights the teaching of the Magisterium with the Encyclical Veritatis Slendor promulgated by Saint John Paul II. We see today the effect of this error with abortion on a mass scale. What is next in this attempt to undermine the dignity of the human being? Perhaps we can mention here briefly the contribution of Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin and the subsequent impact of Eugenics and the demographic manipulation of the world’s population by deliberate attempts to build a culture of death which we have found ourselves living in today. The natural consequences of this manipulation were the apparent success or impact of the role of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany and the powerful negative impact of someone called Margaret Sanger.
Pro-Life Forum 18 26-04-17
The Notion of Revolution as the Root Cause of Today's Culture - Part 05
Owen greets the Listeners with a beautiful account of the Marian Feast of the Day - Our Lady of Good Counsel, before we rejoin the journey to uncover once again the notion of Revolution against the Church and God. We pick up the thread with a detailed look at Eugenics and the crazy attempt by Adolph Hitler in the 1930-1940’s and the Nazi Regime to create a super human "Aryan Race" by discriminating against the so called "inferior" races. Which was the second country to legalise abortion? Nazi, Germany in 1935 specifically for reasons of “racial hygiene” and eugenics. We read a revealing article in the Israeli Medical Association Journal entitled “Doctors, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Abortion during the Third Reich” The author highlights how abortion and sterilisation were used as instruments of the Nazi genocide. The Nazis certainly were not "pro-Choice", but they were not "anti-abortion" either. The Nazis believed that a woman's body belonged to the State, and the State would decide what to do with it. The Nazis did not allow abortion for healthy "Aryan" German women, but demanded and forced abortion upon women deemed "un Aryan" (i.e. Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc.) and "Aryan" German women who were thought to be feeble-minded, or have hereditary diseases. The Forum moves the focus to another character with their own mission to extinguish the Black population in America. Let us examine more deeply the negative roll of Margaret Sanger. Sanger and Abortion – in the 1950-1960’s. The radical feminists picked up where the Nazis and the Communists left off. The chief campaigner for legalized abortion in America in the middle of the 20th century was Margaret Sanger, the Foundress of Planned Parenthood. This is the largest abortion promoting organisation in the world and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is headquartered here in London. Margaret Sanger was a bigot, a racist and a eugenicist. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger despised the Catholic Church. She admired the Nazi eugenic program in the 1930's and published articles praising it in her Birth Control Review. She wanted to create a “cleaner race” through birth control. Owen completes the Forum with a look at the mention of Abortion. “On at least three occasions, from 8:00-11:00 in the evening, she felt like her insides were being torn apart. She suffered so much that she thought she was going to die. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was ailing her, and no medication was able to alleviate her sufferings. Later, she was given to understand that she was undergoing those pains for mothers who were aborting their children" (Diary, 1276).
Pro-Life Forum 19 03-05-17
The Notion of Revolution as the Root Cause of Today's Culture - Part 05
We are coming to a conclusion in the argument of Revolution against the Church and against God. We have already seen the three great Revoltutions - the First in 1517 with Luther in Germany, the second in 1789 in France but as a fruit of the foundation of the Masonic Movement in 1717 born in London, and the third, again in a year ending in "17", that is 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. We note that all three attempts to end the reign of Christ are 200 years apart. We are now in the Anniversary Year of the Apparition of Fatima - the 100th Year - here in 2017. We wait for Our Lady of Fatima to crush the head of the serpent and allow Christ to reign once again. Owen again picks up the argument talking about the errors of Peter Singer. In Practical Ethics, Singer argues in favour of abortion rights on the grounds that fetuses are neither rational nor self-aware, and can therefore hold no preferences. As a result, he argues that the preference of a mother to have an abortion automatically takes precedence. In sum, Singer argues that a fetus lacks personhood. We also include in this forum a small discorse to educate our faithful on the correct Catholic way to vote in next month's General Election. The chronological moral order to follow has been neatly given by Our Bishop Philip Egan this week (02nd May 2017) in his weekly newsletter saying - Britain is preparing for a General Election and as Catholics we have a crucial contribution to make to this democratic process. Here are ten key questions to think about. You could use them to evaluate a manifesto, or you could put them to a prospective parliamentary candidate. 1. First, and foremost, how far will this or that candidate protect the sacred dignity of each human life from conception to natural death, opposing moves to liberalise the abortion laws, to extend embryo experimentation and to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia? 2. How will they strengthen Britain's Christian patrimony, its history, classics and values, whilst curbing fundamentalism in its various forms, scientific and religious, and promoting a fruitful dialogue between faith and reason? 3. How will they support families, traditional family life and family values? 4. How will they correlate freedom and responsibility? 5. How will they build up community, foster philanthropy and support charity? 6. How will they help the homeless? 7. How will they improve the care of the mentally ill? 8. How will they give greater support to the lowest earners, to the sick, to the disabled, to the dying? 9. How will they care better for the environment, promoting an ‘integral ecology’ with a simpler life-style? 10. How will they foster peace, justice and development abroad, whilst encouraging our Government to stand up for Christians who are being persecuted in such places as Syria and Egypt?
Pro-Life Forum 20 07-05-17
Our Lady of Fatima - Part 1
We explore the historical details of Our Lady's Apparitions in Fatima and explore the messages given to us at Fatima by Our Lady and the Angel of Portugal. We look to see how we can take the Fatima Message truly to heart and apply it in our everyday and spiritual lives; particularly in terms of how we can live a life of prayer and sacrifice to bring an end to the culture of death and to restore the Culture of Life throughout the world. We know that all grace comes from Calvary and thus from the Holy Mass - that grace then comes to us through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is why we should make Our Lady's Immaculate Heart our place of refuge, the place in which we desire to live - because it is here the God and Man are united. Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 21 17-05-17
Our Lady of Fatima - Part 2
Tonight look deeper into why Our Lady specifically mentioned Russia during her third apparition to the three shepherd children. Our Lady warned us that Russia would spread her errors, there would be a war and that the Holy Father would have much to suffer - all of these things have come true as we have seen the spread of Communism and 'Nihilism' (as termed by Roberto Di Mattei). We are called to pray and sacrifice for the conversion of our world and for the fulfilment of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary - then Our Lady promises that we will see a period of peace and the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-life Forum 22 24-05-17
Background to the Encyclicals - Forum 22
We trace the immediate background to the promulgation of the Encyclical Humane Vitae - On the Regulation of Birth - issued by Holy Father Pope Paul VI on 25th July 1968. We return initially to the 1930's to measure the disastrous impact of the Anglican Lambeth Conference which opened to door to the moral acceptance of contraception. Casti connubii (Latin: "of chaste wedlock")[1] was a papal encyclical promulgated by Pope Pius XI on 31 December 1930 in response to the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican church. It stressed the sanctity of marriage, prohibited Catholics from using any form of artificial birth control, and reaffirmed the prohibition on abortion. It also explained the authority of Church doctrine on moral matters, and advocated that civil governments follow the lead of the Church in this area. We mentioned previously the consequences of the working of Magaret Sanger and the Eugenics of the Nazi's in the period after 1940's. We have arrived at the "baby boom" after the great war especially in Western Europe and America. This lent itself throughout western Europe and North America especially, to a great deal of restlessness and youthful exuberance which contained a huge amount also of rebellion. Many of these young people were raised in unparalleled and unprecedented prosperity, and were very much children of television which stimulated their appetites, and would oftentimes arouse their excitement and resolve the arousal after a half-hour or hour was over. Sensual gratification was an important part of their cultural milieu. Rick n Roll, the "Swinging 60's" and Woodstock were markers of this new found freedom and degeneration of any moral code. The election of Kennedy concerned the anglo-saxon domination in the US who seeked to control the increase in any Catholic population. There was little doubt that those Cardinals as well as many other prelates, particularly from western Europe and North America were pressing the Pope to change the historic and traditional doctrine of the Church in the Encyclical Humane Vitae. What was to be the response of the Church and the Holy Father ??? Listen and see.
Pro-Life Forum 23 31-05-17
Background to the Encyclicals - Forum 23
We hear again the message of Bishop Philip Egan on the true Catholic way to cast our vote on the General Election on June 08th. Then we return to the 4 Encyclicals on Life. Immediately after the encyclical "Humanae Vitae" was issued there was a tremendous uproar throughout the world, particularly within the Catholic Church. The majority report of the commission was leaked in America to the National Catholic Reporter. Immediately upon the issuance of the encyclical, a group of persons claiming to be theologians in the United States, some 250 of them, led by a teacher at Catholic University, Charles Curran, a priest of the Diocese of Rochester, New York, issued a public denial of the encyclical and a public refusal to accept the teaching. By various means, this was acquiesced in by others throughout the world. Many of these people laid claim to "conscience." Conscience, of course, is the supreme subjective norm of morality, but it has no value unless it is linked to the objective norm of morality which is law, natural law and divine law being paramount. Therefore, conscience itself can be erroneous, and knowingly to follow a conscience which is doubtful or erroneous about these issues would, of course, be sinful in itself. The dissenters were not firmly and strongly and universally refuted and disciplined by the authorities of the Church. Dissent from authoritative teaching in the Church became quite acceptable, and transference from dissent about this aspect of sexual morality to other aspects of sexual morality, as well as to other aspects of Church life, began in earnest and has continued and grown in strength even to this day. Pope Paul VI made four prophecies about the consequences of dissenting from the Church’s teachings on marital love. (1) Infidelity and moral decline (2) Loss of respect for women: Paul VI argued that “the man” will lose respect for “the woman” and “no longer (care) for her physical and psychological equilibrium” and will come to “the point of considering her a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment and no longer as his respected and beloved companion” (3) Abuse of power: The Holy Father saw that the widespread use of contraception would place a “dangerous weapon…in the hands of those public authorities who take no heed of moral exigencies” (family planning programs in the Third World, forced abortion in China, Obamacare’s contraception mandate). And finally (4) Unlimited dominion: He warned that contraception would lead man to think he had unlimited dominion over his own body.
Pro-Life Forum 24 07-06-17
Our Lady of Fatima Part 3 - Forum 24
Tonight on the Forum we mostly prepare ourselves to celebrate the Solemn Feast of the Most Holy Trinity by hearing the Athanasian Creed exploring the Church's belief in who God is - the Eternal Three in One.We also give thanks to God for the liturgical year so far by listening to the Te Deum. We also for the final time looked at our responsibiltiy as Catholics in regards to voting in tomorrow's General Election - putting the sacred dignity of human life as the guiding factor behind who we vote for. Finally, we looked into the final 3 apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima and discussed how practically and spiritually we should apply them to end the war against life in the womb, against the sick, elderly and vulnerable. Let us keep praying our Rosaries with confidence and in trembling before the Immaculate. Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 25 14-06-17
SPUC 50 Year Anniversary Roadshow - Forum 25
Antonia Tully - The Safe at Schools Coordinator at SPUC gives a most enlightening discourse on the need to humanise the Child in the Womb. She discusses the latest threats to the unborn in this country with a move to "Decriminalise Abortion" completely. But she ends with a new message of hope in the enlightening initiative to canvass for legal pressure to be brought down upon the many Doctors who sign off Abortions illegally under the limitation of the 1967 Act. This would enforce the practical application of these limitations in a legal way to reduce radically the number of Abortions in the UK. John Smeaton - Chief Executive of SPUC teaches us at Gosport Pro-Life of the huge army of forces against us on the side of the culture of death. But we cannot fail to lose because we have the TRUTH on our side. We know well that it is not normal to kill babies in the most safest place imaginable - their Mother's womb. We need to start off though, in order to actualise this victory, the rallying of the troops on the ground floor here at Gosport and this area with a huge media and advertising campaign. This will help to to plant deeply into all hearts, although the removal of the 1967 Act will be difficult, we must make the notion of Abortion itself unthinkable. We have the power of Prayer on our side also. The Immaculate will crush the head of the serpent.
Pro Life Forum 26 21-06-17
SPUC 50 Year Anniversary Roadshow - Forum 26
Tonight we listen to the final part of the SPUC Anniversary Roadshow which took place here in Gosport on Saturday 10th June 2017; it entails the Q&A Session which took place following the talks given by SPUC's 'Safe at Schools' Coordinator Antonia Tully and SPUC's Chief Executive John Smeaton. The two speakers answer an array of questions which were presented to them by the studio audience; these questions covered a whole range of areas which crop-up in the everyday life of 'Pro-Lifers' and the answers given gave great practical advice regarding our response to an ever changing, anti-life culture in which we are in the midst of today. Only when we create Pro-Life communities will we see a change in society's attitude to the unborn and human life.
Pro-Life Forum 27 28-06-17
Venerable Pius XII's address to midwives (Part 1) - Forum 27
Tonight we begin the show by preparing ourselves to celebrate the upcoming Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul by listening to 'Tu es Petrus', asking these two great Saints to assist us in our confession of the Catholic Faith and in defending human life. We then turn our attention to the devastating news which came out this week that the British Medical Association (BMA) have followed the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in calling for extreme and dangerous liberalisation to abortion laws - in response to this we begin investigating an 'almost-prophetic' address given by Venerable Pope Pius XII back in 1951 to the Italian Union of Catholic Midwives. We look particularly at what he had to say regarding the duties and role of midwives and the roles of parents. We are also reminded to never forget the true reason why it is so important to stand up and defend human life - that being to defend human life so that all may receive Baptism and merit to see the beatific vision, living in union with the Blessed Trinity for eternity. Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Joseph - Pray for us! St. Peter and St. Paul - Pray for us!
Pro-Life Forum 28 05-07-17
Venerable Pius XII's address to midwives (Part 2) - Forum 28
Tonight we continue to read through Pius XII's address which was given to the Italian Union of Catholic Midwives in 1951. Tonight we hear specifically how midwives and doctors are to be the ones who are called to facilitate a genuine sense of motherhood and protect new human life so that it can be led to its natural end. We hear also about the correct place and purposes of the conjugal act and how when procreation is removed from the unitive purposes of the said act it leads to an abortive culture and mentality. Finally we hear about the moral evils of sterilisation and preventing the procreation of children, learning that the way to stop the contraceptive mentality is by the heroism of continence. This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More, let us ask their intercession that we may always be faithful to Christ and His commands, even unto the shedding of our own blood! Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum Part 29 12-07-17
Venerable Pius XII's address to midwives (Part 3) - Forum 29
Tonight we finish off discussing and looking into the address given by Venerable Pius XII to midwives which we encourage all those in the medical profession to listen to. We hear how we must act in accordance with the natural order which is divinely ordained by God; and how in acting in accordance with that natural order along with the divine commands of God and a well formed conscience we will obtain true freedom and liberation; a positive freedom 'for' rather than the false notion of freedom offered by the secular and unethical society in which we live today which is a negative freedom 'from' which leaves one as a slave to their conscience, guilt and carnal passions. We also make mention of this coming Sunday's Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel where Our Lady gave us the brown scapular through which she promises that all those who wear it devoutly and fulfil the practices associated with it will be saved from the pains of hell; let us renew our devotion to the brown scapular and all it's associated promises. Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 30 26-07-17
Holy St. Anne and Maria's Witness - Pro-Life Forum 30
Tonight the show is divided into two parts, yet connected. The first concentrates on the purity and witness of St. Anne whose Feast we celebrate today in the Extra-Ordinary Form on July 26th. According to tradition Joachim and Anne were the parents of Our Lady, but neither of them is mentioned in the scriptures. Why do we speak so much about Her virtues in this show and show according to the Franciscan Venerable Mary of Agreda that She was the holiest woman walking the face of the earth. Hence God chose Her to be mother of the Mother of God and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. Answer - because She is the patroness of childless women and expectant mother's. The Forum prays for these Mother's in their trauma. We hear in the second part of the show, the touching witness of Maria who with her mother Kathia, were captured on an interview by Friar Rosario on his Children of Mary Show. The interview is very powerful and bears witness to the providence of God and the power of the Immaculate to overcome all fears when the gift of a wonderful child like Isabel is conceived.
Pro-Life Forum 30 - Evangelium Vitae
Pro-Life Forum 31 - Evangelium Vitae Introduction
Tonight we begin by speaking briefly about the shocking new abortion figures which have been released recently detailing how 190,406 unborn babies have been innocently slaughtered in 2016 according to the recorded figures recently released, we pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (to whom this month of August is dedicated) for the repose of their souls. We then being looking at the Church's greatest ever encyclical regarding the sanctity of human life given to us by St. Pope John Paul II called 'Evangelium Vitae' (the Gospel of Life), reading the first few paragraphs introducing this great document and making a few comments regarding it. Today is also the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels (the Feast of the Portiuncula), let's pray to Our Lady under this title to protect all unborn life from the ever mounting attacks on it. Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 32 09-08-17
Pro-Life Forum 32 - Powerful Intercessors
Forum 32 falls provedentially on 09th August which gives us the oppurtunity to beg for the powerful intercession in the Pro-Life Cause, of the Saints whose feasts fall at this time. Yesterday were honourd St. John Vianney, Patron of Parish Priests and we ask his help nowadays for all Parish Priests to speak out boldly without fear for the culture of LIFE. We learn about the notion of sacrifice by his life and that of the life of St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross who gave her life in the death camp at Auswitchz for the conversion of the Jewish Nation. Finally we anticipate the wonderful martydom of the Deacon St. Lawrence who was in ecstasy when being grilled alive. He felt no pain because the love burning in his heart was greater tha the the pain of the physical flames. We must imitate these saints and become victim souls for the end of abortion.
Pro-Life Forum 33 16-08-17
Pro-Life Forum 33 - Evangelium Vitae Part 2
On tonight's Pro-Life Forum we begin reading through Chapter 1 of the Church's greatest Encyclical on life - Evangelium Vitæ. We explore the themes of justice, order and discipline and how we must make the restoration of these three principles one of our primary concerns if we wish to rebuild a culture of life in our society; for in our current society these principles of justice, order and discipline have been thrown out leaving us with a selfish, sinful mentality which contributes to the abortive and contraceptive mentality causing so much havoc in our world today. As we also continue the festivities of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we renew our consecration to that Heart and take refuge there for she will restore all things and dispose of us unto the glory of God if we fly unto her mantle with complete faith and confidence. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us! Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 34 23-08-17
Pro-Life Forum 34 - Evangelium Vitæ Chapter 1 (part 1)
On tonight's Pro-Life Forum we begin reading through Chapter 1 of the Church's greatest Encyclical on life - Evangelium Vitæ. We explore the themes of justice, order and discipline and how we must make the restoration of these three principles one of our primary concerns if we wish to rebuild a culture of life in our society; for in our current society these principles of justice, order and discipline have been thrown out leaving us with a selfish, sinful mentality which contributes to the abortive and contraceptive mentality causing so much havoc in our world today. As we also continue the festivities of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we renew our consecration to that Heart and take refuge there for she will restore all things and dispose of us unto the glory of God if we fly unto her mantle with complete faith and confidence. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us! Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 35 30-08-17
Pro-Life Forum 35 - Shawn Carney President 40 Days For Life - Keynote Speech
40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighbourhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion. SHAWN CARNEY the President of 40 Days For Life makes a keynote speech at the annual conference in London in July 2017, to encourage the leaders to have courage in this spiritual battle to end abortion in the UK.
Pro-Life Forum 36 06-09-17
Pro-Life Forum 36 - Evangelium Vitæ Chapter 1 (part 2)
On tonight's Pro-Life Forum we continue reading through Chapter 1 of St. John Paul II's breathtaking Encyclical on life - Evangelium Vitae. We discuss the links between all the different sections of the culture of death, particularly those of abortion & contraception with war & terrorism. We are also informed of the immoral practices of IVF and euthanasia, alongside the dangers which come with a contraceptive mentality and with prenatal testing. This Friday we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady's Nativity, let's pray that we will be born into heaven by her Immaculate hands; following the Way of her Son - which is always the way of suffering, sacrifice and love! Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 37 13-09-17
Pro-Life Forum 37 - Evangelium Vitæ Chapter 1 (part 3)
On tonight's Pro-Life Forum we continue reading through Chapter 1 of St. John Paul II's Encyclical on life - Evangelium Vitae. We hear how the current liberal culture completely contradicts itself by promoting zealously "human rights" whilst attacking the most fundamental human right of them all - the right to life of every human! We also hear how a false notion of freedom deceives those who fight in favour of the culture of death and how only a true freedom can be given us by Christ. As we prepare to celebrate the Triumph of the Cross and the Feast of Our Lady's Seven Sorrows, let us glory only in the Cross of Christ and remain with Our Lady through her Sorrows - this is the path to eternal life which has been set before us; let us follow it until the very end! Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 38 27-09-17
Pro-Life Forum 38 - 40 Days for Life
40 Days for Life starts in Portsmouth - Here in the Forum we listen to Doctor Robinson of 40 Days who enlightens us on the work for LIFE and tells us about his life as a US Surgeon who was involved in the abortion in baby's and in the next ward, the delivery of other baby's. Robert Colquhoun, Director of 40daysforlife in the UK, explains 10 KEY points on how to lead a successful 40 Days Campaign.
Pro-Life Forum 39 04-10-17
Pro-Life Forum 39 - LGBT in our Schools
Dr. Tom Rogers SPUC Education Outreach Manager gives an outline to the extremely dangerous attempt by the Educational Authorities to exploit our children with the LGBT ideology. There is an attempt to make "relationships education" compulsory. We must fight against this proposed child exploitation to put our children at risk. The parents and not the state are the most responsible for the welfare, education and behaviour of their children. This new LGBT ideology, which looks to be implemented in 2019 in our schools, must be rejected at all costs from classrooms to protect the souls and innocence of our children.
Pro-Life Forum 40 11-10-17
Pro-Life Forum 40 - Mary Mother of Life
Forum welcomes you on this beautiful Feast of the Mother of God. Here we read a very edifying document connecting Mary as Our Mother of Life by the Jesuit Father John Hardon and also we also touch upon a discourse by Father Frank Pavone - Director of the Priests for Life in America, who tells us the role of the Catholic Church in the leadership of all Pro-Life Apostolates.
Pro-Life Forum 41 18-10-17
Pro-Life Forum 41 - Our Lady of Guadalupe
On tonight's Pro-Life Forum we profit once again by the celebrating the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist. Few know the link between St. Luke and a small work of art and connecting to the world renowned Apparition of Our Lady Of Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531. Let us listen to this wonderful account which reveals to us the wonder of God's providence for mankind.
Pro-Life Forum 42 25-10-17
Pro-Life Forum 42 - 50th Year Anniversary
On tonight's Pro-Life Forum we check out three main points. Since we approach on Friday the 50th Anniversary on October 27th 1967 of the legalisation of Abortion, we make in union with Churches through the country on Sunday, our own anticipated 50 chimes of the bell in remembering our lost 9 million brothers and sisters. We note on each chime the number of deaths each year. Then the forum re-enters into the vital debate over "buffer-zones" outside the abortion centre by airing a recent BBC Sunday Morning LIVE debate where the Mother who was helped by the pavement counsellors presents a strong case as to why this Apostolate and Help is necessary. We finish off well by the topical Homily given by Father Serafino on Sunday outlining the boundaries between Natural and Positive Law. Concluding what we all know that it is not natural or normal to remove the innocent child without a voice in the womb. A final plug is made for the Helper's Procession on October 28th to defend the Dignity of Life and pray for a mass conversion of hearts.
Pro-Life Forum 43 01-11-17
Pro-Life Forum 43 - Profile on 6 Pro-Life Saints
On this feast of All Saints - Six saints shine as guiding lights for Catholics who have the duty to respond to these contentious moral issues. The holy men and women listed below are noted for their heroic witness to the sanctity of human life and the necessity to protect unborn children. The Forum turns it gaze on St. Gerard Majella (April 6, 1726 – October 16, 1755) was a Redemporist lay brother, St. Maximilian Kolbe (January 8, 1894 – 14 August 14, 1941) was a Polish Franciscan friar and priest, St. Gianna Beretta Molla (October 4, 1922 – April 28, 1962) was an Italian doctor, wife, and mother, and a devout Catholic, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta (August 26, 1910 – September 5, 1997) was a courageous nun who started her own religious order to serve destitute people in one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world, SaintPope St. John Paul II (May 18, 1920 – April 2, 2005) was a Polish youth who received an underground seminary education during the oppressive occupation of Poland during the years of World War II. He was elected bishop while the Communist regime ruthlessly gripped his country. He was later elected Pope. And Finally of the six and not least, the greatest of all Saints, Our Lady of Guadalupe is the world-famous apparition (which took place on December 9, 1531) of the Blessed Virgin Mary to an Aztec peasant, St. Juan Diego, in what is today Mexico City.
Pro-Life Forum 44 15-11-17
Pro-Life Forum 44 - Will the Buffer Zones be realised ???
In the Forum tonight we move to PORTSMOUTH, England, when on November 15, 2017, a motion for the Portsmouth city council to "do all within its powers" to prevent pro-life vigils outside the BPAS abortion clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital Health Campus in Milton was passed by 31 votes to one. This was in spite of moving testimonies from members of the public defending the 40 Days for Life campaign there. Abortion clinic told me nothing...Caroline Farrow stood up to recount how when she became pregnant through rape 20 years ago, the abortion clinic offered her no other options. "I was not informed about the basic facts of my procedure, such as the development of the fetus, that pills were given as a pessary, or that I could expect to experience a form of labour," she said. "If I'd been given this information or known about how an abortion can affect your mental health, especially during subsequent pregnancies ... then I would have rethought." The Forum then focuses its attention on the wonderful results secured in the latest Autumn 2017 Campaign worldwide. Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun as they wrap up the largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever with a few powerful stories … and a challenge from a woman who’d had an abortion — and then criticised 40 Days for Life volunteers for holding a prayer vigil.
Pro-Life Forum 45 22-11-17
Pro-Life Forum 45 - The Gift of Fortitude
Forum 45 takes in the latest Webinar from US talking about the the results of the latest 40daysforlife campaign just finished. We have exciting news below about how you can instantly help DOUBLE the impact of our life-saving work. But first, listen to the FORTITUDE webcast — from inside a CLOSED Planned Parenthood abortion centre — which revealed the many blessings God offered in response to your prayers during the most recent 40 Days for Life campaign. Now that the 40 Days campaign has ended, it means our work has truly just begun. The Pro-Life cause is now on the map in Portsmouth and across the whole of our southern region - may we therefore continue to labour, both in body and soul, ever more zealously to bring an end to this great offence against humanity. We will always do well to remember that Our Lord remained on the Cross until the very end, until He had nothing left to give but His last breath - so may it be the same for us as we strive to imitate our Divine Saviour in all things and particularly in this apostolate for our innocent brothers and sisters. Never cease praying and be united in the Lord always, practising above all the virtues of charity and humility in all things - I'm certain this is the key to assisting Our Lord in this apostolate.
Pro-Life Forum 46 29-11-17
Pro-Life Forum 46 - Is Abortion Red or Blue ???
The Forum salutes firstly all the Franciscan Saints in Heaven and by praying a beautiful litany, we beg for their intercession for a return to the "Culture of Life" on this earth. Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Matt Britton as they break down a statistical analysis of where abortion facilities are located in the United States … and how that correlates with the political views of that region. We see how that there has been a shift in the so called right to choose.
Pro-Life Forum 47 06-12-17
Pro-Life Forum 47 - The Immaculate Conception.
The Forum gives tribute to the Immaculate Conception we celebrate this Friday on 08th December. The closer we draw toward this mystery of Mary, the more powerful will be our prayers and sacrifices for the defenceless unborn. St. John Damascene says of Mary in the 7th Century in reference to this mystery of mysteries “She is the perennial "source of true light, the treasury of life, the richness of grace, the cause of all our good. She is life-giving ambrosia, true happiness, a sea of grace, a fountain of healing, a fruitful tree, the lily of the field, the rose among thorns, the gladness of Angels, the sweetness of patriarchs, refreshment of the weary. She is as shining as the dawn, beautiful as the moon, conspicuous as the sun; she is Queen, Virgin Mother of God, a rich treasure-house of the Godhead. Mary is the Saint of Saints, the spotless Virgin, most dear among women, all fair; her fragrance is sweeter than all ointment, the Ark of God". One Holy author outlines a beautiful thought for all of us - "the greater intensity of out love for the Immaculate Blessed Virgin Mary, will be the greater on intensity of God's love for you and me". What more can we add but to love the Immaculate more and more each instant.
Pro-Life Forum 48 13-12-17
Pro-Life Forum 48 - Home Affairs Select Committee on PSPO's
The Forum hears The Home Affairs Committee held an evidence session on alleged harassment and intimidation near abortion clinics the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on 12th December. The Committee heard from Ealing Councillors, abortion industry representatives, and pro-life campaigners. The aim of this session was intended to inform a Home Office review, which was announced in response to a petition by Rupa Huq MP to request the implementation of buffer zones around abortion centres. An impartial committee? The Committee was chaired by the Labour MP, Yvette Cooper, who has a consistent pro-abortion voting record, including a vote against better information and counselling for parents facing a disability diagnosis in pregnancy. Ms Cooper MP has also campaigned for buffer zones. Antonia Tully, Campaign Director of SPUC was one of those who gave evidence this morning to the Committee, providing evidence for pro-life groups alongside Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network. Mrs. Tully and Mrs. McCullough were eventually allowed to speak after Cllr Julian Bell and Cllr Binda Rai, of Ealing Council, John Hansen-Brevetti of MSI, and Clare Murphy of BPAS, all of whom spoke freely in favour of action to prohibit the pro-life presence outside of clinics. We consecrate everything to Our Lady Queen of the Franciscan Order.
Pro-Life Forum 49 20-12-17
Pro-Life Forum 49 - Christmas Special
Tonight on the Forum we explore the link between Christmas - the coming of our Divine Saviour Jesus Christ, and the pro-life movement. The baby Jesus comes in both poverty and humility into the lowly stable in Bethlehem, it is here He chooses to dwell. This should provide us with great hope as we live in these times in a darkened world - we trust that Our Lord will come again into the mess of our sinful world to make us whole - to heal and redeem us. We ask Our Lady to enter our hearts also, that she may by the Holy Spirit produce the Divine Fruit that is Jesus Christ in our lives, and produce us in Him - that all our prayers and sacrifices in this apostolate may be pleasing to Him. Let us imitate Our Divine Saviour in His poverty and humility. Let us imitate Our Lady and beg her for purity of heart so that we might see God this Christmas. Let us stand with Holy St. Joseph who contemplated these great mysteries. And let us sing with the Angels with one voice: “Glory to God in the Highest!”. A Holy Christmas to you all! Ad Jesus per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 50 27-12-17
Pro-Life Forum 50 - St. John the Beloved & the Holy Innocents
In this Christmas Octave, we explore the two wonderful feasts of St. John the Apostle and of the Holy Innocents. We look at St. John in regards to his relationship with the Lord as the Beloved Disciple - we see in him a model for us in the Pro-Life Movement; before we can start to actively take up the battle, we must first have the foundations of prayer and relationship with the Lord in place. We must also consecrate ourselves to Our Lady - this is crucial for our apostolate! Moving onto the Holy Innocents, we see how they are killed because of Herod's self-worship, we see in our world today a similarity as children are aborted because of many in our world worshipping themselves and their desires. Let us acknowledge the Holy Trinity as our one true God, and make haste to enter into this spiritual battle for all souls to be saved. Ad Jesum per Mariam!
Pro-Life Forum 51 03-01-18
Pro-Life Forum 51 - Top 12 pro-life moments of 2017
Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun as they count down the top ten highlights of a noteworthy year in the pro-life movement … and point out some opportunities you can use to hit the ground running to make a difference in your community in 2018. The Forum adds another 2 moments to praise those who defend the "TRUTH" against the constant motion of the culture of death. These were the defence of Life made by Antonia Tully, Campaign Director of SPUC and Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network at The Home Affairs Select Committee Meeting in December 2017 on Buffer Zones and the brilliant speech made by UKIP Counsellor David Kurtin at the London General Assembly vote also in the same month and on the same issue. Both were defeats in the eyes of the world but in the end the TRUTH will prevail. We like the honesty of David Kurtin who spoke common sense and who had the foresight and generosity to actually visit the Mother's of the Good Counsel Network in London and see the fruit of this desperately needed Apostolate of Truth to help the Mothers in crisis pregnancies. Long may their work continue based on your prayers to help those little ones who have no voice.
Pro-Life Forum 52 10-01-18
Pro-Life Forum 52 - Ten pro-life resolutions for 2018
Forum 52 invites us to enter into the Pro-Life spiritual battle in 2018 with a generous heart. There are many Pro-Life events lined up in preparation for the 50th Anniversary when the so called abortion law hit the streets on April 28th 1968. Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun as they look at New Year’s resolutions — ones with more impact than just losing weight! These ten pro-life resolutions can help you save lives, and perhaps even end abortion, where you live. Let us put God at the centre and our prayer and sacrifice first, let us be always Joyful in our witness, let us set concrete targets to attend vigils, let us know our abortion centre's and where to target our efforts, let us be inspired by those around us. Let us learn with good heart how to Counsel on the Pavement to help save lives even within a 45 second conversation. Let us share the message of Life with others, educate others and live in Charity towards others. Let us in short, give of ourselves like the "Widows mite" in the Gospel until it hurts. Let us proclaim the Gospel of Life from the rooftops.
Pro-Life Forum 53 17-01-18
Pro-Life Forum 53 - Top eight reasons to give Witness to Life
The Forum 53 looks at the way we can participate actively on this Pro-life Spiritual Battle.Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun break down the impact you can have by marching for life, outlining the top eight reasons to participate in one of these events, and exploring the responsibility to both God and country to stand up for the unborn. The Theme of the March for Life in Washington this year is "Love saves Lives". Let Us make our mark in this year of 2018 and be courageous in Faith to stand up for the Gospel of Life.