12th Sunday In O.T., C, 19.06.16
12th Sunday Ordinary Time
"You are the Christ of God. The Son of Man is destined to suffer grievously". (Luke 9:18-24)
13th Sunday O.T., C, 26.06.16
13th Sunday Ordinary Time
Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem. I will follow you wherever you go. (Luke 9:51-62)
14th Sunday,C, 3.07.16
14th Sunday Ordinary Time
Your peace will rest on that man. (Luke 10:1-12,17-20)
16th Sunday OT, C, 17.07.16
16th Sunday Ordinary Time
Martha welcomed Jesus into her house. Mary has chosen the better part. (Luke 10:38-42)
19th Sunday,C, 6.08.16
19th Sunday Ordinary Time
You too must stand ready. (Luke 12:32-48)
21st Sunday,C, 21.08.16
19th Sunday Ordinary Time
Men from East and West will come and take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.(Luke 13:22-30)
25th Sunday, C, 18.09.16
25th Sunday Ordinary Time
You cannot be the slave both of God and money.(Luke 16:1-13)
26th Sunday,C,25.09.16
26th Sunday Ordinary Time
Good things came your way, just as bad things came the way of Lazarus. Now he is being comforted here while you are in agony.(Luke 16:19-31)
28th Sunday,C, 9.10.16
28th Sunday Ordinary Time
No one has come back to praise God, except this foreigner. (Luke 17:11-19)
29th Sunday,C, 16.10.16
29th Sunday Ordinary Time
God will see justice done to his chosen who cry to him.(Luke18:1-8)
30th Sunday,C, 22.10.16
30th Sunday Ordinary Time
The publican went home at rights with God; the Pharisee did not.(Luke 18:9-14)
32th Sunday,C, 6.11.16
32nd Sunday Ordinary Time
He is God, not of then dead but of the living.(Luke 20:27-38)
33th Sunday, C, 13.11.16
33rd Sunday Ordinary Time
Your endurance will win you your lives.(Luke 21:5-19)
Christ The King, 19.11.16
Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King
Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.(Luke 23:35-43)
Assumption2. 15.08.16
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven
The Almighty has done great things for me. He has exalted the lowly.(Luke 1:39-56)
I Sunday of Advent,A, 27.11.16
1st Sunday Advent 2016
Stay awake so that you may be ready.(Matthew 24:37-44)
Homily III Sunday Advent,A,11.12.16
III Sunday Advent 2016
Are you the one who is to come, or have we got to wait for someone else? (Matthew 11:2-11)
Homily IV Sunday Advent, C, 18.12.16
IV Sunday Advent 2016
Jesus is born of Mary who was betrothed to Joseph, son of David. (Matthew 1:18-24)
Fr Serafino's Christmas Eve Homily
Christmas Eve 2016
Homily Christmas, 25.12.16
Christmas Day 2016
The word was made flesh, and lived among us. (John 1:1-18)
Homily Epiphany, 8.01.17
Epiphany 2017
We came from east to do the jing homage. (Matthew 2:1-12)
Fr Serafino Homily 4-2-17
First Saturday Devotions February 2017
Father Serafino gives the Faithful the right interpretation of "situation ethics".
First Saturday March 05-03-17
First Saturday Devotions March 2017
The Mystery of Reparation which is fundamental to the message of Fatima.
Father Serafino Lent 5.03.17
1st Sunday Lent 2017
Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4,4)
Homily Fr Seraf. 2nd Sunday of Lent 12.03.17
2nd Sunday Lent 2017
The Mystery of the Transfiguration is a foretaste of the future Resurrection of Christ and a strength for the Apostles to endure the scandal of Jesus’ sorrowful passion and death. The Transfiguration points out that the goal to reach is the glory and the beauty of eternity in the splendour of the shining Christ. But to reach this state of beatitude it is necessary to go through Calvary first.
Homily to start the Marian Retreat
Homily to start the Marian Retreat 11-3-17
The importance of Silence in the Spiritual Life in order to listen well to God's Will
Homily Fr Seraf. 3rd Sunday of Lent 19.03.17
3rd Sunday Lent 2017
Jesus speaks to the Samaritan Women at the well.
Father Serafino Homily 25-03-17
Homily of the Annunciation 2017
This is the beginning of the New World. This is the beginning of our Salvation because the disobedience of Eve is cancelled by the obedience of the Immaculate Virgin and The Word was made Flesh.
Fr Serafino's Homily_IV Sunday of Lent_27.03.17
4th Sunday Lent 2017
As Jesus Christ is the “Light of the World,” all who do not follow him walk in darkness. This darkness is sin and error, and leads to a lack of belief.
Holy Saturday 15-04-17
Holy Saturday 15-04-17
Today's liturgy is a very rich treasure of our Faith and is the completion of the Paschal Mystery. . We have many doctrinal issues to meditate upon. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the heart of our Faith.
Feast of Mercy OF 23-04-17
Feast of Divine Mercy 23-04-17
Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet. My mercy is so great that no mind, be it of man or of angel, will be able to fathom it throughout all eternity.
Holy Mass OF 30-04-17
3rd Week Easter 30-04-17
The Disciples see Jesus in the breaking of the bread at Emmaus. This was the sigh that opened up their hearts and mind to the Truth - Jesus Christ Risen.
Holy Mass OF 07-05-17
4th Week Easter 07-05-17
They know my voice so they follow me. They do not follow the voice of strangers. But what is this voice. How can we hear the voice of Jesus in these times, 2000 years after the death of Christ. The voice is the uninterrupted Tradition of the Church.
Homily EF 13-05-17
Father Serafino Homily Feast of Our Lady of Fatima 13-05-17
Today...today....is the very anniversary when Our Lady appeared to the three poor young shepherds asking for penance and sacrifice to save poor sinners. This is a private revelation not requiring an act of faith but since this revelations has been fully accepted by the Church, then this is s truly supernatural message to be embraced by the faithful. This is the CALL to penance and prayer.
Holy Mass2 OF 21-05-17
Father Serafino 6th Week Easter 21-05-17
The Gospel today prepares us for the great oncoming Feasts of the Ascension this week and then Pentecost. Those who love Christ and Keep the commandments will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We must keep the 10 commandments to love Jesus in a just way - in order to love God we must follow the will of God and follow the commandments. It is not enough just to love God is one's own personal way by transgressing the third commandment. Love is God is not a feeling but it is the way to be one with the person we love. We have to love in Truth, in Charity by demonstrating it with our deeds.
First Saturday July 01-07-17
Father Serafino Homily Feast Precious Blood 01-07-17
On this First Saturday we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Precious Blood of Christ. There is a beautiful link here between the First Saturday - the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Precious blood of Christ. Father Serafino gives us much to ponder in this analogy. Life is present in the blood - the Blood is the vital principle of life.
Holy Mass OF 16-07-17
Father Serafino Homily 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time 16-07-17
We need to be "good soil" to receive the Divine Seed of Salvation. The Divine Seed in Jesus Himself - the Eternal Word mad Flesh. We must love God and follow His Commandments in order to be rich soil. Our life is not mine but it belongs to God.
Holy Mass OF 23-07-17
Father Serafino Homily 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time 23-07-17
Father Serafino tells us why we should not blame God for the evil in the world. Such evil is derived from the devil, the author of lies and sin. When we understand this, we can understand sufferings, pain and injustices in the world in which we live.
Fr Serafino - 1st Sat August
Homily Father Serafino - First Saturday August 05th
We have the beautiful devotion directed towards the Immaculate Heart in Mary. We must practice the first 5 Saturdays but also keep Our Lady company in order to repair all sins committed against Her Immaculate Heart. We need to be driven in this devotion by a deep love of Jesus through the Immaculate, to console both Jesus and Mary.
Holy Mass OF Transfiguration 06-08-17
Father Serafino Homily Feast Transfiguration 06-08-17
Jesus shines in His Humanity and in the splendour of His clothes. The Father confirms that Christ is His true Son. The two Prophets of the Old Covenant come to witness to the the true Divinity of Jesus and to manifest that Jesus is the Messiah. We have an anticipation of the future glory to come but first we must as faithful Catholics pass through the cross. We have a mountain between Tabor and Heaven. This mountain is the cross which we must all pass through.
Holy Mass OF 22-10-17
Homily Father Serafino 22-10-17
What is the relationship between Politics and Religion. What are the of Europe ? Should we keep our Faith a private affair. Or on the Gospel today on paying the taxes, does this tech us to lead a so called double moral life. Let us Listen to the powerful Homily in view of the 50th Anniversary of the legislation of the unjust Abortion Law passed in October 1967.
Holy Mass EF 25-11-17
Homily Father Serafino 25th November 2017
Today we celebrate the Franciscan Feast of Saint Humilus and Saint Catherine of Alexandria who is regarded as the Patroness of Philosophers because of Her great wisdom in defending the Christian Faith by using the gift of Reason.
Holy Mass OF 26-11-17
Homily Father Serafino 26th Nov 2017 - Christ the King
Jesus is the firstborn of all creatures. He gives the Father the greatest glory as Man because He is true God, and thus He is able to love the Father infinitely as God the Son. This is why the Father is so pleased with His Son.
Holy Mass EF 02-12-17
Homily Father Serafino First Saturday Dec 02nd 2017
Jesus is the Imprint of the Father. As Son of God, Jesus in generated in the "bosom" of the Eternal Father and likewise Jesus in the fullness if time is generated in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If you see the Jesus then you see the Father, and if you see the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you see the son. The heart of the Father is mirrored by the heart of Mary and by the heart of the Church.
Holy Mass OF 03-12-17
Father Serafino Homily -First Sunday Advent December 03rd 2017
Today we begin the Advent period to wait for the coming of the "Word made Flesh". Advent is the time for us to wait for the final coming of the Lord when we must be alert and awake to be ready for the judgement of the Lord. We must always wait with vigilance in prayer.
Holy Mass2 OF 17-12-17
Father Serafino Homily - Third Sunday Advent December 17th 2017
This is "Gaudete" Sunday which means we anticipate with JOY the coming of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. We must rejoice in the Lord because he is near and is among us. What is the meaning of this JOY ???
Holy Mass OF2 24-12-17
Father Serafino Homily - Fourth Sunday Advent December 24th 2017
Now the time to celebrate the Birth of Jesus is so near. The word of God for this last Sunday prepares us for this mystery. We find out through Father Serafino and beautiful golden thread in the Old Testament in the book of Samuel. We hear about the ark of the covenant which prefigures the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Holy Mass OF Christmas Eve 2017
Father Serafino Homily - Christmas Eve 2017
Welcome to the Christmas Mass to celebrate as Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ. Father Serafino seeks to identify the importance of Christmas for the faithful, its historic roots in Christendom and the poetic sweetness of Christmas by looking at the manger of Christ. There is something hidden telling us that Christmas is a mystery of simplicity which has become revealed in history. Let us humble ourselves before the mystery of the Crib.
Holy Mass OF Christmas Day 2017
Father Serafino Homily - Christmas Day 2017
Merry Christmas from the Friars. We celebrate the very heart of our Faith. The Word was with God from all Eternity. That Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. We must meditate upon the beautiful words in the prologue of St. John. We all long to see God. All would like to have everlasting life. We will only find true happiness in the Truth - in the manger and the Baby Jesus.
First Saturday January 06-01-18
Father Serafino Homily - 1st Saturday January 2018 Epiphany
Today we celebrate the Solemn ity of the Epiphany of Jesus or the Manifestation of Jesus to the Magi and to all the people of good-will. Father Serafino teaches us about the "Morning Star" and its role to lead the people from the east to Bethlehem to search for the Prince of Peace. Guided by the Star as we are guided by Mary. We must with Mary fall on knees to adore Baby Jesus.
Holy Mass OF 07-01-18
Father Serafino Homily - Epiphany 07th January 2018
Today we proclaim we proclaim the Joy of the hidden mystery of the Epiphany for the Church. This mystery proclaims then central mystery of the central truth of our faith, the Resurrection. The Glory of Christ has been revealed to the pagans and to all peoples like ourselves, since this manifestation is for all peoples. This is principally a feast which invites us to a conversion of hearts.
Father Serafino Homily 21-01-18
Father Serafino Homily - January 21st 2018
Today the Gospel teaches us to be always ready for Conversion, to repent and believe on the "Good News". But what is before Conversion ? The Time has come, but what does this mean? Is this Time a repetition of events as Secular and Chronological or the coming of Jesus Christ in History with the Incarnation ?
Father Serafino Homily 28-01-18
Father Serafino Homily - Sunday 28th January 2018
We hear about the Gospel today to teach us about the quality and the authority of Christ. Who is this that now teaches us with authority. The teaching of Jesus in unique. Those listening were impressed because the words He said were realising themselves and bearing great fruit.
Father Serafino Homily 03-02-18
Father Serafino Homily -First Saturday 03rd Feb 2018
We must reflect on the Feasts Celebrated yesterday for the Presentation of Jesus and the Purification of Mary. Our Lady of Fatima asks us fro reparation and sacrifices to offered to God. So we must become Co-redeemers of mankind WITH Jesus and Mary. Mary is the most perfect model to follow of perfect participation. Our participation must however be active with Jesus and Mary.
Father Serafino Homily 18-02-18
Father Serafino Homily - Sunday 18th February 2018
Today we begin the solemn period of LENT. We must seek a deep conversion of heart.Christian life is a daily conversion process to leave behind idols of the world and especially sin. This is a blessed period for Christians. We hear about the temptation of Jesus in the desert as the true Messiah and Son of God.
Father Serafino Homily 24-02-18
Father Serafino Homily - Saturday 24th February 2018
We start the Marian Retreat with the theme - "Man does not live by bread alone". We need to become a "little one", and listen in silence with the heart of Jesus.
Father Serafino Homily 25-02-18
Father Serafino Homily - Saturday 25th February 2018
The Gospel reflects on this 2nd Sunday of Lent on the Transfiguration of Jesus. The scene is set from the display of faith of Abraham who choose to sacrifice his own son.
Father Serafino Homily 03-03-18
Father Serafino Homily - Saturday 03rd March 2018
This is the First Saturday in March. We enter into the month of St. Joseph we honour in this period of LENT, our devotion to console the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We learn who it is the first Marian model of consecration to Mary. This is the great figure of St. Joseph.
Father Serafino Homily 04-03-18
Father Serafino Homily - Sunday 04th March 2018
The Lenten journey leads to the mystery the new Temple of God built up by Jesus Christ Himself. We now must reflect on this mystery so that we can always be willing to make prayer, penance and alms giving for Our Lord. Jesus found the Temple turned into a market and den of thieves. Let us make the Temple a place most holy and reverent.
Father Serafino Homily 25-03-18
Father Serafino Homily - Sunday 25th March 2018
When things go well we are enkindled by a fire of love and say "hosanna". But when we do not receive from God what we want, we even sometimes blaspheme. Look how Jesus had to suffer to rescue us from our disordered passions. Let us understand that love, Jesus Christ is everything. Love comes always first.
Father Serafino Homily 29-03-18
Father Serafino Homily - 29th March 2018
Homily Maundy Thursday Triduum Celebrations
Father Serafino Homily 30-03-18
Father Serafino Homily - 30th March 2018
Homily Good Friday Triduum Celebrations.
Father Serafino Homily 31-03-18
Father Serafino Homily - 31st March 2018
Homily Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Triduum Celebrations
Father Serafino Homily 07-04-18
Father Serafino Homily - 07th April 2018
Homily First Saturday April Devotions
Father Serafino Homily 08-04-18
Father Serafino Homily - 08th April 2018
Homily Feast of Divine Mercy
Father Serafino Homily 14-04-18
Father Serafino Homily - 14th April 2018
Father Serafino Homily 21-04-18
Father Serafino Homily - 21st April 2018
We prepare ourselves for the Retreat on the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. We must be aware and ready to face our "Martyrdom" of life, as a Sacrifice and form the celebration of the Holy Mass. Our aim today is to be focused on Holy Mass as a Sacrifice.
Father Serafino Homily 28-04-18
Father Serafino Homily - 28th April 2018
Father Serafino speaks about the culture we live in now which allows the death of a child in such a manner as Alfie Evans. In a world where people wish to get rid of God, with the consequence of a significant oblivion of human reason, truth has been usurped by power.
Father Serafino Homily 29-04-18
Father Serafino Homily - 29th April 2018
We must bear fruit as the Vine. Sanctifying Grace cannot co-exist with sin. We must uproot all our sins to make the new man rise again.

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