Homily Novus Ordo 22-01-17
Father Pio M. Idowu Homily - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A
"The Lord is my light and my help" - These words should be a manifestation and confession of our faith in Christ Jesus the Light who illumines the darkness of our lives.
St Peter Nolasco and the the Virtue of Compassion
Father Pio M. Idowu: St. Peter Nolasco and the Virtue of Compassion
Fr. Pio explains how the example of St. Peter Nolasco should inspire to practice the virtue of compassion towards those most in need.
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Father Pio M. Idowu: Homily 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A
To be salt of the earth means that Christians are called to add flavour to human existence and prevent it from all corruption. To be light of the world means that Christians to illumine the world by their exemplary way of life.
Homily Father Pio 12-02-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: Homily 12-02-17
"No one does he command to act unjustly, to none does he give licence to sin." (Ecclus 15:20) On our Lord's teaching about Adultery.
Father Pio Homily OF 05-03-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 1st Week Lent 05-03-17
“Behold now is the acceptable time; behold now is the day of salvation.” (II Cor. 6:2) Now is the time to repent! In our world, where the darkness gets greater with each passing year, we must repent of our sins and turn to God.
Father Pio Homily OF 12-03-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 2nd Week Lent 12-03-17
The Gospel narration of the Transfiguration gives us Hope that after a life of faithfully carrying the cross and following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we will one day arrive at the glory of Eternal Life. Our Hope is firm and unshakeable when it is founded on the Goodness of God and on His Faithfulness to His Promises.
Homily Father Pio EF 18-03-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: EF Lent 18-03-17
The Mystery of Grace and Merit. We need to be in a state of grace to earn merit for our actions and unite them always to Jesus Crucified on the Cross.
Homily Father Pio EF 19-03-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 3rd Week Lent 19-03-17
Father Pio preaches about choosing Christ, rejecting evil and the real existence of the devil and his demons.
Father Pio Homily OF 26-03-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 4th Week Lent 26-03-17
As Jesus Christ is the “Light of the World,” all who do not follow him walk in darkness. This darkness is sin and error, and leads to a lack of belief. Today’s Readings, especially the Gospel (John 9:1-41), tell us that only God judges the human heart truly.
Homily Father Pio EF 01-04-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 1st Saturday 01-04-17
On the First Saturday in April, Father Pio enlightens us on the eve of Passiontide, on the notion of Co-redemption when applied justly to the Blessed version Mary and Her active cooperation WITH Jesus at the foot of the cross at Calvary.
Holy Mass OF 02-04-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 5th Week Lent 02-04-17
In today’s Gospel, we have Jesus’ last and greatest miracle – the raising of Lazarus from the dead. It has two special purposes: first, to prove that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God, to whom the Father is now testifying publicly with a great miracle; second, to move the Chief Priests and Pharisees to carry out their plan to kill Jesus. This is Jesus’ hour and it has now come!
Maunday Thursday 13-04-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: Maunday Thursday 13-04-17
Jesus Institutes the Sacrament of The Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders on Maunday Thursday before going towards Calvary. Such love we have never seen in that the Lord gives us Himself and never abandons Mankind.
Father Pio Homily OF 07-05-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 4th Week Easter 07-05-17
This is Good Shepherd Sunday. We Christians are all members of the Sheepfold of Christ through our Baptism. We have to accept through Faith the message of Christ. Jesus calls Himself the Gate, and whoever enters through the gate will be saved.
Holy Mass OF 21-05-17
Father Pio M. Idowu: 6th Week Easter 21-05-17
Some of us have experienced a painful separation from a loved one who is dear to us. We try to keep contact - nowadays we can use the latest technology to remain united with our loved ones. In the Gospel Jesus is about to separate from his disciples with His departure to Heaven. Jesus wanted to console the disciples by sending them the Holy Spirit which would always keep this bond of intimate love between them. Union with Christ however is only maintained by keeping the commandments of Christ with the gift of the Holy Spirit - this is the mark of true love of Christ.
Holy Mass OF 11-06-17
Father Pio Homily Trinity Sunday 11-06-17
This is the central truth in the Catholic Faith. Father Pio unpacks the mystery even before the children of the Parish. Jews and Muslims do not believe in the Divinity of Christ. Christians are not idolatrous and worship more than one God. But we must humbly place ourselves at the foot of the cross and make an act of faith to understand this mystery of 3 Persons in one God..
Holy Mass OF 02-07-17
Father Pio Homily 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 02-07-17
The readings of today speak of our Pastors who have been placed to govern the community. We all share in the dignity of baptism as people of God. All baptised Christians share in the common Priesthood of Christ. All are called to offer up spiritual sacrifices. Everyone of us is called to proclaim Christ with our lives.The Ministerial Priesthood as Pastors are those consecrated for this Office of service, whose are called to proclaim the word of God.
Holy Mass OF 2 23-07-17
Father Pio Homily 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time 23-07-17
We hear of the parable of the Sower who sowed the wheat but the darnel was found later. The harvest is the end of the age and the harvesters will be the angels. After death will come Judgement by a Supreme being who is God. This is the General Resurrection which as doctrine, all Catholics must believe.
Holy Mass OF2 22-10-17
Father Pio Homily 22-10-17
The Children are present again at the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Our Lord is tested by the Pharisees who become more desperate and aggressive in order to trap Jesus. In Chapter 22 of the Gospel of St. Matthew, we hear about this test and how Jesus deals with this aggression.
Holy Mass OF2 03-12-17
Father Pio Homily - First Sunday Advent December 03rd 2017
Today, we begin the joyful season of Advent in anticipation of the coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. In today’s liturgy there are many insights into this great mystery of Christ’s coming. First, the scriptures refer to Christ’s coming in our own life, not just at Christmas. This is why, in the Gospel, St Mark wants us to be always vigilant and watchful for the day of the Lord, His Second Coming.
Holy Mass OF 17-12-17
Father Pio Homily - Third Sunday Advent December 17th 2017
We hear a beautiful story about a Cheerful Cobbler filled with thanksgiving for all gifts received from God. We have true wisdom in life when we always thanks God for His unending goodness towards us.
Holy Mass OF 24-12-17
Father Pio Homily - Fourth Sunday Advent December 24th 2017
The Day for the Birth of Our Saviour. Father Pio explains to the faithful the beautiful prayer of the Angelus which commemorates the mystery of the Incarnation and Mary's Fiat which in central to God plans for salvation.
Holy Mass OF 31-12-17
Father Pio Homily - Holy Family December 31st 2017
We hear of a beautiful teaching of Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta who asks us to love each-other. With this love, then we will make the world a much better place. Parents, love your children as much as you can.
Father Pio Homily OF 14-01-18
Father Pio Homily - Saturday 14th January 2018
The Christmas season is over. We must now in the liturgy contemplate the public life of Jesus Christ. Here in the Gospel, we see the arrival of the first two disciples - St. John the Baptist and St. Peter. We see the example of Discipleship, where one desires to be subordinate to the Master.
Father Pio Homily 04-02-18
Father Pio Homily - Sunday 04th February 2018
Jesus has a very busy public life in His Ministry. Jesus heals those who are troubled, and there were many 2000 years ago. Likewise we have many crosses today, which will be only overcome and accepted with patience and with Jesus Christ at the centre.
Father Pio Homily 18-02-18
Father Pio Homily - Sunday 18th February 2018
We here about the new interpretation about the wording of the "Our Father" Prayer and the words "and leads us into temptation. It cannot be God that leads us into Temptation and fall into sin. There is now a theological debate on these words. Temptation has a positive value however in the life of a Christian in trying to come closer to God.
Father Pio Homily 25-02-18
Father Pio Homily - Sunday 25th February 2018
"This is my beloved son, listen to Him". This message tells us that we should always seek to do God's will, who will always be Faithful to us.
Father Pio Homily 04-03-18
Father Pio Homily - Sunday 04th March 2018
Father Pio tells us about Our Lord and His housecleaning. We must imitate Jesus in cleaning the Temple by cleaning out those things unnecessary things in our souls. We also can have just anger as Jesus when we must protect Holy things. Let us always be strong and ready to defend the rights of God.
Father Pio Homily 11-03-18
Father Pio Homily - Sunday 11th March 2018
Father Pio asks us all to be children on "Laetare" Sunday. We look forward at this mid-point in LENT to Easter Sunday in 21 days time. We read in the scripture in John 3:16 - "for God so loved the world that He gave us His Son so that whoever believes in Him we will not perish but have eternal life". We look forward to our Redemption on Easter Sunday.
Father Pio Homily 25-03-18
Father Pio Homily - Sunday 25th March 2018
A brief reflection from Father Pio who tells us to return home, read again the passages of all four Gospels. We see the "fickleness" of the human heart - at the beginning of the world we are saying "hosanna" and giving praise, but at the end of the week we are gossiping and spreading negativity about others.
Father Pio Homily 29-03-18
Father Pio Homily - 29th March 2018
Homily Maundy Thursday Triduum Celebrations
Father Pio Homily 31-03-18
Father Pio Homily - 31st March 2018
Homily Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Triduum Celebrations
Father Pio Homily 08-04-18
Father Pio Homily - 08th April 2018
Homily Feast of Divine Mercy

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