radioimmaculata will broadcast LIVE  the SPUC Youth Conference in March to help spread the message of the "Sanctity of Life" and end this holocaust of abortion in this 50th anniversary year, when 9 million souls infused with life by God, have not seen the light of day. What is this conference ? We quote here the importance of the conference from the SPUC Website. "The annual SPUC Youth Conference has been very successful in recent years in educating and motivating the youth of today to engage in peaceful and effective pro-life work all over the UK. The next conference will run from Friday 3 March (late afternoon) until Sunday 5 March 2017 (after lunch), in Stone, Staffordshire (you can find all the details and book online here). It is vital that the youth of today attend SPUC’s annual youth conference to equip themselves with the knowledge needed to go out and carry out pro-life work in our schools, universities, homes and communities. If we don't educate ourselves, how can we possibly hope to fight against the anti-life culture which has developed over the past 50 years?

This is the starting point from which we branch out and achieve the goal of defending and promoting the sanctity of human life. Our aim is to provide young people with the best possible pro-life formation in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. Attendees can expect the following: A line-up of international experts speaking the most recent and relevant pro-life topics. Opportunities for questions, panel discussions/debate. A top quality range of literature to take away. The chance to spend three days in the company of other young pro-lifers from the UK and abroad. To make new friends and learn from the pro-life and student experiences of others. Each day you’ll be served meals and refreshment. Rare opportunities to meet with speakers and relax with other young pro-life adults . 

The line up talks will be publicised shortly so keep tuned in.....


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